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Ebi is currently in the care of Colorado Shiba Inu Rescue and has not been evaluated by Colorado Basenji Rescue.  The following profile is a cross posting for Colorado Shiba Inu Rescue to help with Ebi’s eventual placement. If you are interested in Ebi you may contact Colorado Shiba Inu Rescue at 720 491-1278 or their email address Ebi is a sweet girl and we are working together to broaden her exposure so that she may find her forever home!

3 yr old female Basenji mix, no small children, needs another dog in home, $350 adoption fee

Ebi was rescued from a shelter.  She had been found stray, so we don't really know anything about her. We think she is really a Besenji mix of some kind, not a Shiba.  Of course, COSIR wasn't going to let her sit in that shelter, so here she is!  She is extremely fearful of people and will need adopters experienced with this.  She acts like a puppy mill survivor with PTSD and it could takes months to years for her to be rehabilitated, but we are seeing good progress in the short time she's been with her foster.  She is building trust with her foster mom.  She has learned to walk on leash and enjoys her walks.  She absolutely loves her foster brother, Shiba.

She wants to play with him and is always more comfortable around humans if he is present and getting positive attention from them, so she MUST have a home with another dog. She cannot live with children and needs a very quiet, low activity home.  Ideally she's live with someone who is home mostly, and has the time and desire to work with her.  She has not been tested with cats.  The shelter estimated her age as 3, but she acts like a puppy in that she is a bit mischievous. She has a big personality, so maybe she is part Shiba ;)  We are looking for a very specific, experienced adopter for her and she is in a fantastic foster home, so we will wait for the perfect home for this little one.

We named her Ebi (shrimp in Japanese) because she is a tiny little thing.  She is as cute as she can be and we can't wait for her to come out of her shell in her forever home!

Her adoption fee is $350 and includes her spay, vaccinations, heartworm test, deworming, microchip and initial private training session with a rescue approved trainer.



Charlie & Pete

Hi folks!

We are Pete and Charlie, the Basenji boys, ready to entertain you with our silly antics and charming personalities!

Pete and Charlie are bonded half- brothers who have been together since puppyhood.  For the majority of their past years they lived in a home with their second owners and with a male Bichon Frise companion.  Their owners recently moved to a living situation that does not allow pets and released the boys to Colorado Basenji Rescue.

After an upgrade in their diet to a better quality food and a visit to the veterinarian for exams and bloodwork, the boys are now ready to move to a permanent home to enjoy their golden years.

Both Pete and Charlie are amiable and greet new humans with  interest.  They are gentle and would do well in a home with adults and well-behaved children.  They are curious about the cats in their foster home, but are non-threatening to the dog savvy felines.

Both Basenjis have a few age related fatty lipomas (benign fatty deposits) but are in good general health for their age (12 and 13)  They are enthusiastic eaters and love taking walks in the neighborhood. They sleep together in a large wire kennel and are happiest when they are near each other.  They enjoy being petted (Charlie in particular).

Both are current on appropriate vaccinations, microchipped, neutered, and tested negative for heartworm.

If you are interested in giving these sweet senior Basenji boys a loving place to enjoy their golden years please contact Peggy at (303)455-8216 or email

There is a small adoption fee of $100 for this bonded pair.





After many months of working with our veterinarian and with a gastrointestinal specialist to help address Juniper’s irritable bowel issues, we have reached a point where she can go forward to a new home.  Her bowel issues have been a challenge as she would improve, then have a setback, improve again, then another setback.  After two ultrasounds, consultations with a specialist, and several food trials we found that vitamin B12 injections to be most helpful in improving her condition.  Even so, it is apparent that she will continue to have some life- long issues that will need careful management, something that not every home is prepared to deal with.

By a stroke of good luck, a local Basenji experienced couple, familiar with the condition that affects Juniper, has stepped forward to adopt her.  We can finally feel assured that Juniper has found a caring, forever home that is committed to meeting her physical and emotional needs!

Bandit and Lucky

Lucky (right) Bandit (left)

Hello all Basenji lovers!

My name is Lucky.  My original owner, now deceased, gave me the name Lucky and I am sticking with it!  I do believe that soon my lucky day will arrive.  While I am waiting for my new humans to adopt me let me give you a bit of background information.

LuckyI was born on November 21st, 2005 and have lived with one owner/Basenji breeder until his untimely death.  I was a country boy and was surrounded by other Basenjis in a rural mountain setting.  After my owner’s passing the whole lot of us were transferred to the care of Colorado Basenji Rescue.  Most of our pack have found homes and I am looking forward to my “lucky day”  as well.

I am a male Basenji..well, that is questionable after that surprise trip to the veterinarian recently.  Boy, that was NOT my lucky day.  I got a complete tune up, including a neuter.  Yikes!  And to add insult to injury I came home minus 13 teeth.  (I did not see a dentist on a regular basis and never flossed my canines, big mistake.)  Well, I have recovered, and I guess I will get over the indignities suffered on that day.  One must move forward. 

Since my transfer I have learned to sleep in a crate and to wait to do my business outside.  I will need some supervision with housetraining in a new home, however.

I have a good appetite and am very active.  I am shy at first with new people but once I can see that the new humans are not dangerous, I am fine with greeting them and being petted.  I have learned to take walks on a leash and am doing pretty well, I have been told!

My father, Spicer, is alive and well at 16 years of age, as is my mom, Miss JJ who is just one year older than I.  (Yes, mom was a child bride) Mom has been adopted and has a wonderful home in Colorado.

Well, I guess that about covers it..oh, BUT WAIT!  Did I mention that you can adopt not one, but two Basenjis?  I have a lovely companion, Bandit, with whom I share my life.  My partner in crime is a tricolor female Basenji just about my age.

You can see by her photo that she is a knock out!  Would you consider both of us????

Lucky is neutered, had a complete CBC and dental, vaccinated for rabies on January 29th 2015, strip tested negative for Fanconi, and microchipped.  He weighs 19 pounds.

Lucky would be best either adopted with his female companion, Bandit, or as the only pet.  He has not lived with cats.

The adoption fee for the pair is $275. 

A Basenji knowledgeable home with no small children is important for a successful adoption.

Bandit is spayed and will receive updated vaccinations, microchip, and dental prior to adoption.  She has been strip tested negative for Fanconi.  Her birthday is December 5, 2004.  She is similar to Lucky in personality and behaviors.  She enjoys Lucky but would likely not do well with unfamiliar dogs.  Bandit is energetic and very inquisitive.  She will need supervision and guidance in a new home.  A home with owners home at least part of the day would be best for Bandit.

Both Lucky and Bandit currently eat Fromm Gold kibble mixed with sea kelp and are fed twice daily.

Both Lucky and Bandit have come a long way in foster care and with patience in a Basenji savvy home they will thrive. For more information about Lucky and Bandit please contact Peggy at (303)455-8216 or email

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Beautiful Basenji Mixes




Good news to report about Barkley.  He is improving in his behavior around other dogs and is able to walk pleasantly with another non dominant female dog.  He is also able to visit the dog’s home and behave with respect to her space.  This improvement has taken time and work but is quite encouraging!

Hi folks!  I am Barkley and I am eagerly waiting for someone to choose me to love.  Here are my particulars for your consideration..

I am about 3 years old and spent time in a shelter with a leg injury before coming to Colorado Basenji Rescue.  My leg has healed and I am “ready to roll”!

I weigh 19 pounds and am somewhat light boned like an Italian Greyhound.  My handsome face resembles a Jack Russell or Smooth Fox Terrier.  My body has a Basenji-like appearance.  There you have it!

I am an active guy and would love to find a human to keep me busy.  A home as the only dog would be best for me as I do not know how to behave well around other dogs.  I love humans, though!  I have no physical issues and eat like a horse with no complaints.  I am kennel trained and am very good about waiting to go out to do my business.  I love to travel in the car in a wire really sooths me for some reason.

Barkley is a great little dog suited for an active owner with some prior dog experience.  He is happiest when he can get out to exercise several times daily.

If interested in more information about Barkley please contact Peggy at (303)455-8216 or




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