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**UPDATE ON RANGER**  We are in the process of setting up a veterinary visit for a dental, exam, and microchip for Ranger.  Once completed he will be ready for adoption.  Ranger will need a home as the only pet, with a Basenji experienced owner, preferably with a secure yard and an understanding of his discomfort with meeting dogs and people on walks.

Ranger is a 7 year old purebred male Basenji who will be looking for an adopter or a foster- to- adopt-situation shortly.

Little is known about his past as he came to Colorado Basenji Rescue via a local animal shelter with no definitive past owner information. 

Ranger has now been updated on vaccines and is in good general health.  He is neutered and will receive a microchip prior to placement.

We do know that Ranger does well with his foster mom, her visiting friends, and is comfortable off leash in the house or secure yard.  He does exhibit anxiety on a walk when encountering strange humans and dogs.  He will growl at an approaching stranger when on a leash, but has been able to engage with some of the humans after realizing that they are not a threat.  Ranger will need positive work in this area to reduce his anxiety.

He is well behaved in the house and has no dietary issues. He is food motivated which will help with his leash training when encountering people on walks.  He enjoys relaxing on the couch with his foster mom, and is content to sleep in his pen in the kitchen at night.

He yodels to music much to the delight of his foster mom!

A good fit for Ranger will be a calm adult home where he can be the only pet.  Ranger has been through a stressful time in recent months and needs consistency in his future home while he regains his confidence and trust in humans.  He has no known experience with cats or small children and thus will be placed in a loving adult home.  Local applicants will be first considered, preferably with Basenji or similar dog experience.

 Once Ranger’s evaluation has been completed, he will be available for adoption.  In the meantime, for any questions about Ranger you may contact Peggy at or at (303)455-8216

There will be an adoption fee of $175 for Ranger


Bandit and Lucky


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Beautiful Basenji Mixes




We have learned through the recent results of the mixed breed DNA test that Stevie has a substantial amount of Belgian Malinois in her family tree.


It is vital that a potential adopter for Stevie does have a working knowledge of this or other similar breeds and will be dedicated to working with her in a positive training program to improve her basic behaviors.  Since Stevie has shown a propensity to lunge and bark at strangers and dogs while on a leash we are starting her in a private training class to begin her education.  We have great hopes for this loving, highly athletic girl!

Stevie is a lovely female mix, full of love and positive energy and eager to find her forever home.

Although she is young (estimated by the veterinarian to be somewhere between 8 and 10 months of age),  Stevie is very focused on humans and eager to please.  She is quick to learn and will be a pleasure to train.  She knows the sit command but needs a basic positive obedience training program to complete her education.  She loves people and currently jumps up on people in enthusiastic but uncontrolled happy greeting.  She weighs 38 pounds so she will be best in a home with no small children that she could knock over.

Stevie must have a 6 foot solid fence as she is skilled in effortlessly sailing over lower fencing.  She could live in an apartment setting if the owner is dedicated to exercising her regularly on a leash. A super active young adult could be a good match for Stevie.

Stevie was recently spayed, updated on vaccines and microchipped.  She is crate trained and has never made a potty mistake in her crate.   She loves to chase balls although she is not so eager to give the balls back, instead galloping around the yard hoping to be chased.

She currently eats twice daily Earthborn grain free lamb formula kibble and has no dietary issues.

Stevie can bark but does so only if bored  and wanting attention.  She has not been tested with cats but has interacted well with friendly dogs in the past, when properly introduced.

An active owner willing to dedicate the time to further her obedience training and to give Stevie plenty of exercise will be a good fit for this enthusiastic girl.

For more information about Stevie you may contact Peggy at (303)455-8216 or by email at

There is an adoption fee of $225 for Stevie




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