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Kasey is a sweet and gentle 7 year old female Basenji who will be ready for a new home soon. Her full biography will be available shortly. For information about Kasey please contact Peggy at (303)455-8216 or inquiry@coloradobasenjirescue.org


 Jaco & Juniper

These two affectionate Basenjis are seeking a new home due to a divorce that has limited the resources the owners feel the dogs deserve.  Although Jaco,3 ½, and Juniper, 4 1/2 years of age, have become best friends over the last three years—and ideally would be adopted together—they are both very adaptable and would be fine being adopted separately if necessary.

Due to their boisterous spirits, high prey drive, and desire for human interaction, these two would do best in a home with a secure yard and a family able to devote plenty of time to fulfilling their need for exercise and mental stimulation.  They enjoy chasing squirrels, play wrestling, and snuggling on the couch with their humans.

Jaco is very sweet and loving.  He was adopted from CBR when just a puppy and fit in well with the owners and their Basenji, Juniper.  He has been Fanconi tested with the direct DNA test and is a carrier, and thus is very unlikely to develop Fanconi.   He is up to date on all vaccines, microchipped, neutered and has no major health issues.  He does have some allergies and is currently on a medication, Apoquel, to address the itching.  Jaco is playful, quirky, and fun loving.  He does have the “wake up badly” Basenji gene so it is advised not to bump him while he is sleeping.  Other than that, he is very friendly.

Juniper is too smart for her own good!  She is eager to learn new tricks and experience new challenges.  She is a jumper and can easily clear a 4 foot fence. She is Fanconi clear with the direct DNA test and has a healthy bloodline.  Like Jaco, she is current on all vaccines, microchipped, and spayed.  Both Basenjis are on regular heartworm preventative.  They currently eat Orijen dog food, a high quality kibble.  Neither Basenjis would be appropriate for a home with cats but they do well with dogs. 

If your home and heart have room for both or one of these amazing Basenjis please contact Peggy at (303)455-8216 or inquiry@coloradobasenjirescue.org


Tater & Tot

Tater and Tot are littermate Basenji brothers whose owner suddenly passed away, leaving the boys homeless.  The boys are a bonded pair and have been together all their lives.  We will be seeking a home that will adopt both dogs together.

These handsome boys have lived in a loving home where they had access to a yard through a doggy door.  A similar setup would be ideal for their new home.

They sleep in their wire kennels which will come with them to a new home.  Both dogs have had regular veterinary care throughout their lives and are current on all vaccinations including heartworm preventative.  They enjoy walks and have no major health issues.

Since they are seniors, although in good health, the adoption fee for the two is $100.  Their owner loved them very much and it is fitting that they find a home that will love and enjoy this pair as he did.  They expect to have fresh ground turkey cooked for them daily, but this could be negotiable!

If you can open your home to these boys please contact Peggy at (303)455-8216 or inquiry@coloradobasenjirescue.org

Bandit and Lucky

Lucky (right) Bandit (left)

Hello all Basenji lovers!

My name is Lucky.  My original owner, now deceased, gave me the name Lucky and I am sticking with it!  I do believe that soon my lucky day will arrive.  While I am waiting for my new humans to adopt me let me give you a bit of background information.

LuckyI was born on November 21st, 2005 and have lived with one owner/Basenji breeder until his untimely death.  I was a country boy and was surrounded by other Basenjis in a rural mountain setting.  After my owner’s passing the whole lot of us were transferred to the care of Colorado Basenji Rescue.  Most of our pack have found homes and I am looking forward to my “lucky day”  as well.

I am a male Basenji..well, that is questionable after that surprise trip to the veterinarian recently.  Boy, that was NOT my lucky day.  I got a complete tune up, including a neuter.  Yikes!  And to add insult to injury I came home minus 13 teeth.  (I did not see a dentist on a regular basis and never flossed my canines, big mistake.)  Well, I have recovered, and I guess I will get over the indignities suffered on that day.  One must move forward. 

Since my transfer I have learned to sleep in a crate and to wait to do my business outside.  I will need some supervision with housetraining in a new home, however.

I have a good appetite and am very active.  I am shy at first with new people but once I can see that the new humans are not dangerous, I am fine with greeting them and being petted.  I have learned to take walks on a leash and am doing pretty well, I have been told!

My father, Spicer, is alive and well at 16 years of age, as is my mom, Miss JJ who is just one year older than I.  (Yes, mom was a child bride) Mom has been adopted and has a wonderful home in Colorado.

Well, I guess that about covers it..oh, BUT WAIT!  Did I mention that you can adopt not one, but two Basenjis?  I have a lovely companion, Bandit, with whom I share my life.  My partner in crime is a tricolor female Basenji just about my age.

You can see by her photo that she is a knock out!  Would you consider both of us????

Lucky is neutered, had a complete CBC and dental, vaccinated for rabies on January 29th 2015, strip tested negative for Fanconi, and microchipped.  He weighs 19 pounds.

Lucky would be best either adopted with his female companion, Bandit, or as the only pet.  He has not lived with cats.

The adoption fee for the pair is $275. 

A Basenji knowledgeable home with no small children is important for a successful adoption.

Bandit is spayed and will receive updated vaccinations, microchip, and dental prior to adoption.  She has been strip tested negative for Fanconi.  Her birthday is December 5, 2004.  She is similar to Lucky in personality and behaviors.  She enjoys Lucky but would likely not do well with unfamiliar dogs.  Bandit is energetic and very inquisitive.  She will need supervision and guidance in a new home.  A home with owners home at least part of the day would be best for Bandit.

Both Lucky and Bandit currently eat Fromm Gold kibble mixed with sea kelp and are fed twice daily.

Both Lucky and Bandit have come a long way in foster care and with patience in a Basenji savvy home they will thrive. For more information about Lucky and Bandit please contact Peggy at (303)455-8216 or email toinquiry@coloradobasenjirescue.org

This is Bambi


Sadly we had to say goodbye to sweet Bambi after a long battle with Fanconi.   Bambi had been doing well on the Gonto Fanconi protocol until mid summer of 2016 when her kidneys took a downward turn.  In spite of all the medical care provided, she was unable to rally and passed away peacefully on the morning of January 21st.  She is missed by her foster family and all at CBR that knew her.

Bambi is a 9-year-old female Basenji, one of the group of Basenjis transferred to CBR upon the death of the owner in Cripple Creek, Colorado.

Bambi is a lively and vocal Basenji who loves to sing. Her daily yodels inspire the other Basenjis in her foster home to join in joyful chorus several times each day!

Bambi is quite affectionate and craves the human touch. She is reserved when she first meets new people, but warms up fairly quickly.

Soon after arrival in rescue, Bambi had a thorough veterinary exam and complete CBC. She had spay surgery and at the same time surgery to remove a mass that fortunately was benign. She recovered well from the procedures.

Bambi has Fanconi, but a mild form which is successfully managed on the Gonto protocol with just a few supplements per day. She receives 1/2 tablet per meal of Pet TabCF and Pet Tab AF (vitamins) and just one tablet of sodium bicarbonate per meal. She is very food motivated and takes her supplements well. Her weight and muscle condition are great and her coat is healthy. The only visible signs that she has Fanconi are the water consumption and consequent need to pee frequently. Due to her Fanconi, Bambi will need a home with someone able to let her out often.

Bambi's blood work has been closely monitored with several venous blood gas tests and CBC panels. The results have been consistently excellent!

Bambi is a petite 17 pounds. She has not lived with cats. She is crate-trained and sleeps in her crate at night.

This is a charming Basenji girl waiting for the right home. Her new owner will be provided with a supply of her supplements and will be offered continued support to help with her special needs. Please consider beautiful Bambi!

For more information about Bambi, you may contact Peggy by phone at 303-455-8216, or by e-mail at: inquiry@coloradobasenjirescue.org

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Beautiful Basenji Mixes



*Update: Sadie is in a new foster home where she has quickly learned “sit”, “down”, “roll over”, “get your baby”, “drop it”, and “fetch”, all in one week!  She begins her basic obedience training class on March 2!

Sadie is an exuberant one year old girl with a zest for life (and for tennis balls).  She was transferred to Colorado Basenji Rescue from a home unable to keep up with her high energy.  She was presented to CBR as a Basenji mix although her behaviors are not exactly Basenji-like.  She loves to chase balls and does not mind the cold weather.  She has an enormous amount of enthusiasm and will be well suited to an active owner that has time for long walks and playtime in the yard.  A basic obedience class is a must for Sadie to channel her energy in a positive way.  She had lived with a male heeler mix in a home with cats.

Sadie is spayed and current on her vaccinations, fecal, heartworm test is negative.  She is kennel trained and very willing to learn. 

Colorado Basenji Rescue will reimburse Sadie’s adopter for the cost of a training class upon proof of completion.

For more information about Sadie please contact Peggy at (303)455-8216 or inquiry@coloradobasenjirescue.org


Hi folks!  I am Barkley and I am eagerly waiting for someone to choose me to love.  Here are my particulars for your consideration..

I am about 2 years old and spent time in a shelter with a leg injury before coming to Colorado Basenji Rescue.  My leg has healed and I am “ready to roll”!

I weigh 19 pounds and am somewhat light boned like an Italian Greyhound.  My handsome face resembles a Jack Russell or Smooth Fox Terrier.  My body has a Basenji-like appearance.  There you have it!

I am an active guy and would love to find a human to keep me busy.  A home as the only dog would be best for me as I do not know how to behave well around other dogs.  I love humans, though!  I have no physical issues and eat like a horse with no complaints.  I am kennel trained and am very good about waiting to go out to do my business.  I love to travel in the car in a wire crate..it really sooths me for some reason.

Barkley is a great little dog suited for an active owner with some prior dog experience.  He is happiest when he can get out to exercise several times daily.

If interested in more information about Barkley please contact Peggy at (303)455-8216 or inquiry@coloradobasenjirescue.org




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